International understanding, peace and well-being have been a concern of US philanthropy from the beginning. Through avenues such as track II diplomacy, support for think tanks and multi-lateral organizations, and international exchanges, philanthropic institutions and individuals have made inroads in international relations in ways that governments often cannot.

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Arts & Culture

Rebuilding a Cathedral: The Media, American Money, and French Heritage

Stepping in to save French monuments without stepping on French pride.

Medicine & Public Health

Cover Your Mouth: Controlling an Epidemic Through Hygiene

Century-old tips to prevent infection still make sense today.

Global Engagement

In Brief: The 1995 Beijing Women’s Conference

The global conversation about women’s issues takes a big step forward.

Photo of crop-drying site in Nigeria. The one story building is located under palm trees.
Global Engagement

The Rockefeller and Ford Foundations Navigate Civil War in Nigeria

What happened to a massive agricultural development program when war broke out?

Medicine & Public Health

Philanthropy’s Fight Against Tuberculosis in World War I France

What does it take to control the outbreak of a deadly disease?

Global Engagement

Ping-Pong Diplomacy: NGOs and International Relations

When a friendly interaction unexpectedly emerged between American and Chinese table tennis players, one nonprofit seized the opportunity to support broader cultural diplomacy.

Global Engagement

Timeline: Philanthropy and World War I

The onset of World War I created new demands on American foundations and donors.

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Arts & Culture

In Brief: The West Africa Museums Programme

The staying power of a massive preservation project thanks to a focus on museum staff and museums’ communities.

Black and white image of "agronomistos", harvesting rice in a field.

Photo Essay: Mexico and the Launch of the Green Revolution

One foundation’s program in Mexico created the blueprint for ending hunger worldwide.

Race & Social Justice

In Brief: The South African Institute of Race Relations

How did a US foundation manage to work under apartheid?