The Rockefeller Sanitary Commission for the Eradication of Hookworm (RSC) made the first comprehensive attempt to combat hookworm in the southern US. It also established a model for future public health work throughout the nation by institutionalizing services at the state and local level. Hookworm disease was a huge problem in the south, and yet it was readily treatable with a few simple measures. Hence it was an ideal test case for outreach and education in the opening years of the twentieth century.


Medicine & Public Health

The Long Road to the Yellow Fever Vaccine

Rockefeller Foundation scientists, led by future Nobel Prize winner Max Theiler, developed a yellow fever vaccine in the 1930s that was later given to thousands of American and British soldiers during World War II. The serum drastically reduced the worldwide occurrence of yellow fever. Today it remains the only vaccine in use for the deadly virus. However, the road to creating the vaccine was long and bumpy…


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