Location: Mexico

1940s 1950s 1960s

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Mexican Agriculture Program, 1943-1965

The Rockefeller Foundation’s first intensive agriculture endeavor is now credited with launching the global transformation known as the “Green Revolution.”

Black and white image of "agronomistos", harvesting rice in a field.
1940s 1950s 1960s

Photo Essay: Mexico and the Launch of the Green Revolution

One foundation’s program in Mexico created the blueprint for ending hunger worldwide.

Black and white image of a group of men standing in front of vechicles. Men on the left side of the image stand in front of a truck with a chalk board speaking towards the men on the right side of the photo. Men on the right side, standing in front of a car, are taking notes.


  • Date: c.1950
  • Creator: Rockefeller Foundation
  • Repository: Rockefeller Archive Center
  • https://resource.rockarch.org/001_picture1/